Tietze Research Group
unveiling structure activity relationships of bioactive molecules

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Amid bond mimics - restraining the peptide backbone

development of conformation specific peptide backbone mimics based on 1,2,3-triazoles


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Ion channels and toxins

Structure and binding of ion channel targeting cone snail toxins, development of efficient synthetic strategies for diffecult peptides


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as part of the Mei Hong Lab (MIT):

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G proteins

Analysis of G Protein motion by NMR & MD to unveil how G protein motion and signaling can be modified


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Superoxide Dismutases

NiSOD - unveiling the catalytic mechanism of superoxide degradation OR how nature tailors redox  properties of metalloproteins


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For our research we use state of the art NMR (solution and solid-state), molecular modelling (docking, MD simulation etc.) and synthetic techniques.