Tietze Research Group
unveiling structure activity relationships of bioactive molecules

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  • May 2023 - finally some interesting work got published in J. Mater. Chem. B on  "Protein Cohabitation: Long-term Immunoglobulin G Storage at Room Temperature" (link)
  • our new paper on NCL of hydrophobic peptides is now online at JOC
  • We wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  • Jun. 2020 - World Record in Cu-detection outlined in our new paper "Ultrasensitive and Selective Copper(II) Detection: Introducing a Bioinspired and Robust Sensor" (Müller et al., Chemistry, 2020)
  • Sep. 2019 - our new paper in JCIM (ACS) is now online! Finally, we could show, that the active conformation of the Gprotein inhibitor FR900359 is different from the conformation suggested in the Gq-FR crystal structure (pdb 3ah8). Also, we unveiled the mechanism of how FR blocks Gprotein motion (Tietze et a., JCIM, 2019
  • Jul. 2019 - Congratulations Desireé on your successfull PhD defense
  • Jun. 2019 - We are now part of the Tietze-Lab at the GU and WCMTM
  • Jan. 2019 - We arrived in Gothenburg and are very excited about the new opportunities at the GU and WCMTM. 
  • Oct. 2018 - we are going to move to Gotheburg, Sweden soon. Alesia got an offer from the University of Gotheburg and the Wallenberg Centre for Translational and Molecular Medicine (WCMTM)