Tietze Research Group
unveiling structure activity relationships of bioactive molecules

self-made HPC cluster

home-build high performace computer (HPC) cluster

(184 cores)

manually overclocked and water-cooled Linux workstations, optimized to run with 

  • 8 x i7-5960X @ 4.4 GHz with Nvidia GTX 980/GTX980Ti 4 to 6GB 
  • i7-6950X @ 4.3 GHz with Nvidia GTX1080 8GB
  • i9-7980XE @ 4.3 GHz with Nvidia GTX1080Ti 11GB

MD simulation DHFR (~ 23000 atoms) benchmark results are around 300 ns/day on the i7-5960X and 480 ns/day on the i9-7980XE